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Information & Pricing

At No.5 we have created an inspiring environment for men and women, separate from the barren land of modern hair salons, where every client is catered for individually. No.5 aims to draw you away from the intimidation of a regular salon - the staff, the assistants, the small talk - offering simple, cool cuts in a creative space in East London.

Staying close to my self acclaimed title as "the organic hair dresser", there will be no shampoo offered as part of the service. This is not in lieu of a lack of plumbing but, in my many years of hair dressing, it has come to light that this process has been described as both uncomfortable and unnecessary. Hair will be styled in a way that is manageable, and with all things considered - face shape, hair type, lifestyle - leaving no surprises when you get home.

I won't bore you about me, I've done all the usual hair malarky - shows, seminars, celebrity clients, publications - it doesn't matter if your Bob Dylan or Brian from Stoke you'll all get treated the same.

Tong/Blow dry tutorial £40
Gents from £70
Women from £80
No.5 experience from £120
Home Visit from £200
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The No. 5 Experience

A one-to-one bespoke service created by No.5 to offer a truly unique hair experience, with no time limits, fuss or pressure. Whether you are looking to change your look completely, to learn different ways to style your hair, or just a friendly hair cut and a glass of bubbles, No.5 will cater for all individual needs.

The service will include an in depth consultation on arrival - assessing your lifestyle, your career and your style, to ensure you leave looking and feeling completely comfortable and satisfied. You will be talked through the entire process, cutting hair in it's natural, dry state so you can see exactly what you will leave with, and relax and enjoy the rest of the service. Working in conjunction with luxury product brands, we will give you all the tips and knowledge that you will need to look after your new style, but do not fret - hair is simple, and we intend to keep it that way.

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At No.5 we have created an inspiring environment for men and women, and colour is no different. Working closely with a renowned colourist and session stylist, Tailored by No.5 still goes with the idea that organic is best. Colour is done in a way that looks like it has not been coloured, natural and beautiful! Just like a haircut, everything is considered, face shape, hair type, skin tone, lifestyle - leaving you with perfect colour.

Semi-Gloss from £60
Permanent tint from £70
Bleach and toner roots from £100
T Section from £100
Half head highlights from £150
Full head highlights from £180
Balayage and dip dye from £110

Toner from £30
Toner with Highlights from £20
Flash Colour from £25

Colour change and colour correction on consultation.

All new colour clients require a skin test 48 hours prior to there colour service.
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